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I moderate all comments to this blog. I do have a comments policy with stringent rules, but instead of posting them prominently and potentially scaring off participants and squelching debate, I’ll simply remind people your comments are subject to my approval. If you really want to know the rules, read them here.


  1. Hello, Lefty Hooligan.
    I was reading through your site, and I see you have a blog-roll feature as well as some links to sites like LibCom and others.
    Might you be interested in exchanging links? I believe your site and my site have enough in common to make a reciprocal exchange worth the effort.
    I can put your link on my site, and vice-versa. You can contact me at class.warfare at gmail dot com. Thank you for your consideration.

    • Sounds good. I will get to it sometime next week, probably by Wednesday.

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